White Possum Naked Hazelnut 500ml
White Possum Naked Hazelnut 500ml

White Possum Naked Hazelnut 500ml


24% ABV


"Naked Hazelnut is a rich and decadent liqueur featuring intense nutty flavours with subtle chocolate undertones. This is a 'revamped' take on the classic Italian recipe. We roast and crush 100% Victorian hazelnuts, then mix in a smattering of organic cacao nibs to lend a little ‘chocolatey’ edge. We then infuse everything patiently in spirit to slowly extract all the flavourful oils. 

We use real ingredients and deliberately avoid filtering the liqueur to ensure no flavour is filtered out, so you may notice some sediment and oils that may drift out of the liqueur over time. 

Contains precisely 0.0% artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. 

All of our liqueurs, including Naked Hazelnut and Amaretto, are bottled predominantly in recycled glass spirit bottles. From our lovely network of bars, we re-purpose empty spirit bottles from them. We've managed to build up a locally sustainable supply of bottles." - White Possum (Spotswood, VIC)

Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians.