Telmo Rodriguez ‘Almuvedre’ Monastrell 2013
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Telmo Rodriguez ‘Almuvedre’ Monastrell 2013

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Fine and polished nose - floral, figgy and gently meaty, it's a delicate and perfectly varietal expression of Monastrell. Soft, wide tannins start the mouth off and a long rip of ripe acid in the back half really straightens things out. Almuvedre has long been one of the bargain wines of the world and the style-quality-value amalgam continues to boggle the mind. Now in screwcap!

Alicante is an old Mediterranean vineyard area, composed of long, flat structured terraces with a marine influence, and is possibly the point of origin of Monastrell, one of the most important Spanish varieties. Historically, Alicante was a prime Mediterranean harbour and as such had an important influence on the wine industry.

Telmo Rodriguez's aim of setting up in Alicante was to create a wine based exclusively on Monastrell: "We must not forget that a wine that is commercial, in the best sense, can also reflect what is best about the region".

Attention to viticultural care is first class and in the winery the entire philosophy is to let the fruit speak. Tarry, meaty fruit with lovely berry profile, lifted florals and slurpy tannins the Almuvedre is a classical Monastrell, with the inimitable touch of Telmo Rodriguez.

D.O. Alicante Located a few hours south of Cataluña along Spain’s East coast, the vineyards of the Levante grow on land that rises from the coast to significant elevations inland. Grape vines were introduced into Alicante by the Phoenicians, wine was made here by the Romans and the praises of Alicante wines were sung by the Moors.

D.O. Alicante encompasses 37,000 acres divided into two sub-regions in Alicante province: La Marina, just inland from the area’s popular beach towns, and the Alicante subzone (northwest of the capital, Alicante), whose main growing area is the Vinalopó valley. The winters are short and the summers are long, hot, nearly rainless. Extreme high altitude, however, with its dramatic diurnal temperature range facilitates retention of acidity and the ability to maintain relative delicacy, definition and finesse in the fruit.

Monastrell Monastrell is better known in Australia as Mourvedre or Mataro. Although coming to us from the French, it's originally a Spanish variety. Monastrell is native to the south-east of Spain, in regions like Alicante, Jumilla and Yecla where Monastrells of particular distinction are produced. Old plantings on poor-soiled slopes feature the meat, tar, berry, floral and muscular tannins we know from Mourvedre both here and in France. It is rather a more successful straight varietal on home turf, however – often showing a plentiful red/black berry juiciness which the variety rarely achieves elsewhere.

Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodriguez In his mid 40’s, Telmo is the son of the family which owns the highly regarded Remelluri estate in Rioja, where he was winemaker while putting together estates of his own. An oenology graduate from Bordeaux University, he has worked with some of the great names of the Rhone – Chave, Clape, Guigal and the Perrin brothers.

Regarded as somewhat of an ‘enfant terrible’ for his outspoken views, Telmo is a passionate opponent of the internationalisation of Spanish vineyards, and is dedicated to a way forward for Spain which combines indigenous varieties with superior viticulture and winemaking. He and his long-term wine-making and viticulturist partner, Pablo Eguzkiza, created ‘Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodriguez’ with the aim of selecting outstanding vineyards to produce the best regionally typical varieties.

Attention to viticultural care is first class. In the winery the entire philosophy is to let the fruit speak – there is not a less ‘recipe-oriented’ winemaker anywhere. Low crop levels from old, high altitude bush vines are typically made into three quality bands: a price-friendly drinker of great character and quality, a premium French-oaked wine from the most concentrated fruit, and a super wine selected from the most elegant and refined barrels. ‘Almuvedre’ falls into the first band: excellent varietal quality at an exceptional price.

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