Lansdowne Vineyard Pinot Grigio 2016
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Lansdowne Vineyard Pinot Grigio 2016

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Lansdownes vineyard was planted between 1996 and 2004, and takes its name from the late Victorian house built at Forreston in 1896. Since the 1940s a 3m cedar hedge has been trimmed with Lansdowne, creating a local landmark. Janet and Brendan Cameron purchased the house and existing vineyard in 2002, and have since retrained or replanted the vineyard. Most of the grapes are sold, but since 2005 small quantities have been held for the Lansdowne Vineyard label. The Camerons are moving to an organic regime for the vineyard.

The 46 acre Lansdowne Vineyard sits at 350 metres in the Forreston Valley. The close planted vineyard is planted on black, self-mulching river silt, through to free-draining red-brown loams.

The Mediterranean climate means cold wet winters, warm dry summers and autumn days that are endless and balmy. The day-night temperature range is due to early sunsets and cool air pooled in the valley at night. The combination helps Landsdowne create flavour complexity by slowing down the ripening process. 

This Pinot Grigio has had extended time left on skins. The resulting wine is straw hued and has crisp pineapple notes with a spine of flinty minerality. Some time in oak barriques and on lees has created a savoury texture and slight creaminess to the finish.

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