Artigiano (Artisan) Primitivo 2014
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Artigiano (Artisan) Primitivo 2014

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This delightful wine hails from sun-kissed Puglia in the ‘heel’ of Southern Italy.

Intense ruby red in colour, it is vibrant and juicy on the palate, with intriguing hints of baked fruit and tobacco. It is the perfect match for roasted red meats, full flavoured cheeses, and of course wood-fired pizzas!

Artigiano is an exciting brand of artisan wines, made and imported by McLaren Vale’s Aramis Vineyards. Overseen by Scott Rawlinson, chief winemaker at Aramis, the aim of Artigiano is to represent the essence of classic wines from across Italy, using local varietals made in the traditional style. The current range is focused on Southern Italian wines from Sicily and Puglia, chosen for their vibrant flavours and outstanding value for money.

The Region Puglia is nestled into the heel of Italy’s boot – a rural southern region that forms the agricultural heart of the country. Whitewashed dwellings nestle amongst ancient olive groves, whilst vineyards sprawl lazily in every direction as far as the eye can see. This is one of Italy’s most prolific wine regions and one that in recent times has attracted many international winemakers, who have recognised the inherent potential of the land and wish to share their passion for producing quality wines.

It is on the Salento peninsula in the very south of the region that Primitivo, Puglia’s most renowned varietal, thrives. Bush vines dominate the clay plains, and the cooling breezes from the Adriatic Sea help protect the vineyards against the hot summer sun.

Primitivo is widely recognised as the European version of the grape known in California as Zinfandel (although debate continues to rage within wine circles as to whether they are in fact one and the same). The name Primitivo stems from the Italian word ‘primo’, meaning ‘first’, as it has the tendency to ripen before all other varietals. Wines tend to be juicy and robust, with flavours of blackberries and violets, and high alcohol content.

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