Three Thousand


Brunswick Wine Shop
Three Thousand
Claire Feain ~ 24.02.2016

Everyone knows one of the best ways to drink wine is in the park on a hot night with your friends. You just grab a couple of cheap plastic glasses from the corner store (or a couple of old mugs), find a patch of grass and talk. But do you actually appreciate the wine? Of course you don’t.

But you're becoming an adult now and you're beginning to think some wine knowledge could help make the future taste better. Enter Brunswick Wine Shop – a cheaper alternative to the expenno wine bars and the perfect place to buy some fancy, affordable wine before heading to the park.

Your first step is to talk to Alex – he really knows how to talk about wine. He’s been working in wine stores since his university days, and was kicking around the idea of opening something for a while. He’s so good at it that people pretty much stop by just to chat about wine with him.

The shop itself is unpretentious, light filled, and pokes out of tree-lined Sparta Place like a secret hangout. It’s the sort of place that makes you feel like taking your time to pick out something good.

The shop has a really great range of local and international wines that are only picked if they taste great. Which means wines are often from smaller growers and producers or are artisan producers who are looking to do something different.

A lot of the wines are made with organic and biodynamic methods too. But you know, taste and value for money still come first.

The best night to go is Friday between 4–7pm. Alex has wine tastings every Friday afternoon, so you can try before you buy. Then you can go be winos in the park who actually know what they’re drinking.